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Noun. plus one (plural plus ones) A friend or date whom one brings along to an event; a guest of a guest.

Our Definition Noun. plus one (plural plus ones) Any person, object, animal, book, one brings home.

We really do have a lot of PLUS ONES in our life. Terry and I live next door to Morgan and Kelly. Our plus one is our dog, Annie aka Champion Pace’s Queen Aslaug of the Low Country. Morgan and Kelly have more of a plus one with their 3 year old and another plus two with their dogs. Stacey and Larry, only three blocks away, have plus two with daughters and with that comes a plus one constantly with rocks, flowers, leaves, doodle bugs and any DISNEY. Justin and Tara have grandson Bear, and soon they will have a PLUS ONE with the arrival of our seventh grandchild. In addition they have plus three with their dog pack.

Your life is constantly filled with a plus one of some form. You are never alone. That is where Our Crazy Life Plus One gets its name.

OMA aka Laurie Pace