I am EVERYONE's Plus One

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Sometime around age 20 life changed 180 degrees.

I really tried to figure out how to ‘frame’ this to be funny but not sure it is. I will share more in a “Challenge'“ blog about the root of this… but I am everyone’s PLUS ONE. Forty-six years ago, I was an outgoing vivacious woman hitting my twenties. Happenings in life took things another direction and because of it, I literally stopped driving. I would PANIC if I had to drive anywhere. ME, who grew up in Dallas and had driven the highways and byways of Dallas county, had moved to Nacogdoches Texas, and I stopped driving.

Zooming ahead those 46 years, I remain everyone’s PLUS ONE. My husband I have known since age 11, so he loves having me as his plus one! I am looking forward to all the grands getting their drivers licenses… I will always be their plus one. I am just a little older now.


Plus One

OMA aka MOM aka Laurie

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