A Kerry Blue Terrier and her 'boy'....

Bear and His Plus One asleep.jpg

Last February before our son turned 5, his OMA found a Kerry Blue Terrier puppy who was 6 months old and she needed a family. 

Justin and I have 2 older dogs (both rescues who then were 14 and 10), so at the time an additional dog, and a puppy at that, seemed a little excessive.  After thinking more about it, we realized our son did not have a dog to play with (the old ladies just sleep and cuddle) plus it would be good for him to have a dog he grows up with.  Oma and Bampa have had several Kerry Blues and this specific dog was bred for her personality.  So added a plus one to our family.

We chose to name the dog Starla (after the girl truck on the children’s TV show Blaze and the Monster Machines - which our son was and still is obsessed with).  Miss Starla arrived from the breeder on a plane from Seattle (never thought I’d be picking a dog up from the airport but there we were).  This sweet Kerry Blue has warmed her way into each of our hearts.  There is a definite difference in Starla as opposed to our other ladies.  She has never known anything but love.  She has also brought a lot of life and play back into our older ladies.

Slowly over this year, our son and Starla learned to play with each other.  They invented a game between them where he will run back and forth and she chases him.  She has learned that he likes to play more gently and how he interacts with her.  This is a big deal since our son, Bear, is on the autism spectrum (we will share more on that later) and definitely does things in his own way.  

Last night our son fell asleep on the couch and before we knew it, Starla was up and cuddling with him.  They laid there together for awhile until we took our son to bed.  That’s when we realized Starla is definitely our boy’s dog and we couldn’t be happier!

Starla is Bear’s Plus One.