Lady L is Bampa's Plus One Bathing the Dog

Lady L is Bampas Plus One with Paddy Dog.png

“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time.” Ron Hall

Lady L was quite the helper to her Bampa. When he moved in across the street from her, she loved spending her days with him doing so many things. This day she was helping him wash the Paddy Dog. (Kerry Blue Terrier)

Several years have passed since this photo was taken and Lady L is getting a new dog in just a few weeks. Her mama, Stacey Beth, will be posting more Plus One’s as well as Challenges with a new pet.

Here are some ideas on bathing your dog:

Bathing a Dog Ideas and suggestions:

  1. Choose your location. In the summer we are outside but for most of the year, we use the guest bathtub. Remember dogs react to water temps just like we do.

  2. Make sure you brush your dog before you bath him/her. This removes loose dirt, grass and anything that might be tangled up in their hair that you cannot visible see.

  3. Trim your dog’s nails. Start when they are young so they become accustomed to nail trimmings.

  4. Make sure you remove your dog’s collar.

  5. Gather your supplies ahead of time. Once you start the process, you want everything near by. You will need towels, cotton balls, dog shampoo, treats, and a washcloth or sponge.

  6. Put Cotton balls in your dogs ears. When dogs’ ears get wet, they can develop ear infections. Putting cotton balls in his ears will help keep the ear canals dry.

  7. Check your water temperature. Apply water all over their coat.

  8. Then apply shampoo to your dog’s main body. The face and neck area must be washed carefully. Let the shampoo sit on the body while you clean their face with a washrag keeping soap away from their eyes and nose and mouth.

  9. Rinse the soap from the back, chest, tummy and legs.

  10. If you can find a highly absorbent microfiber towel, start with those to sop up all the water your dog did not shake off. If you do not have the microfiber towel, bath towels will work. When you take the cotton balls out of the ears, wipe the ears clean with them.

  11. Give them a treat for a job well done!