Ladybugs - Plus One

There are about 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the world. They have other names such as lady beetles or ladybird beetles. I did not know this, but they come in many different colors and patterns. Here in our country, the most common is the seven-spotted ladybug with it shiny red and black body. We were always told Ladybugs were good luck.

  1. They eat Aphids

  2. They can eat up to 5000 insects in their lifetime.

  3. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors with spots or patches on them.

  4. Their color scares off predators and they can secret a foul taste from the joints in their legs.

  5. They love to play dead.

  6. Their predators include but are not limited to: birds, frogs, wasps, spiders and dragonflies.

  7. They lay their eggs on the underside of a leaf.

  8. The Larvae emerges in just a few days and they look like mini alligators.

  9. After just a few weeks they become an adult ladybug.

  10. Their name comes from European farmers who prayed to the Virgin Mary when other insects began to eat their crops. Ladybugs arrived and wiped out the invading insets.

Ladybugs are ALWAYS a Plus one in Stacey and Larry’s home.