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The past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift.

Morgan Pace 


Our Crazy Life Plus One

The seed was planted way back in 1964 when Bampa met Oma. That began Our Crazy Life. It was not too many years later they went their separate ways and then came back together in 1991. But here we are again 2019 and it is Our Crazy Life… Plus One. The one thing we seem to do is maintain constant motion and change. With a Multigenerational Family living close, what else do you expect?

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 . . . Plus One




More adventures coming soon.


Family Fun

Someone is always snagging video coverage just when you do not want it. Cuteness and bloopers.

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Multi-Generational Living


Nearly 20% of Americans in live in a multigenerational home, defined as a home where three or more generations exist under one roof. With rising costs for housing and childcare, multigenerational living can simultaneously decrease expenses and add more flexibility regarding childcare. The Baby Boomers are actually living longer, and many face increasing healthcare cost. Multigenerational living provides a way for parents to simultaneously take care of their children and their own parents. This is the ‘sandwich’ home. The children are in the center and Mom and Dad are on the top and Oma and Bampa are on the bottom. Over the years we have learned how to cope and adapt to this concept of living close together in our crazy life plus one. We live next door, and three blocks away from and one family 20 min south… together through it all.