Turner Falls in Oklahoma... escaping for a day trip.


I started off the day by rolling over and tapping Kelly lightly on the shoulder in bed and said “Let’s go on an adventure.” Her smile widen with a giggle… so I woke Noah and dressed him while Kelly grabbed the necessities for a fun day vacation our of state. We headed north to Turner Falls, Oklahoma. It was about an hour and a half up there, simply straight north on I35. When we arrived we found we had to cross through low water crossings from all the rains and Noah was enjoying every minute. We headed to the main falls area which is a 70 foot drop, and of course you have to climb back up. Noah was amazed by everything and literally happier than I have ever seen him.

It’s funny how as adults we often forget the simple miracles in life. I know it was beauty all around us. We then hiked up a trail. Noah, only being 3, was a complete trooper. After tripping a couple times on the rocks, he quickly got the hang of climbing. We loved exploring some natural caves on the top of the falls. Noah did not want to stop exploring.

It was a beautiful day to enjoy nature with my family. When we arrived home, we made a quick birthday party for Noah’s cousin and even as we arrived home… after the adventure which included a 2 mile hike, after a 2 mile hike, Noah is still going 90 miles an hour.

Groan, I wish I could borrow some of this kid’s energy!