The Challenge is Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

Meet Morgan.

Meet Morgan.

Morgan stopped by late yesterday afternoon. I snagged this photo when he grabbed my guitar… but he came to go over some of the ideas and building platforms for Our Crazy Life Plus One. He had some strong thoughts and we are moving forward with everything.

Does not help that instagram and facebook were down this morning while I had been trying to post. Hopefully in the next week or so, you will begin seeing posts from Morgan and his wife Kelly, as well as Stacey and maybe Lady L, her eldest daughter. I do them for Bampa and me. Justin and Tara, well they have a baby due in less than two months… more like 7 weeks I think. So you can imagine what their household is like! I may post on that later today or tomorrow. We saw them last weekend.

This morning I was busy creating post photos and quotes for Instagram for the next week. I am sure I will get faster at it as it took me almost two hours but now I have enough photos and word photos for the next 10 days. This is actually very therapeutic.

Morgan had a great idea. He wanted to challenge Stacey and Larry to going whole foods plant based for the next three to six months. None of our adult kids have followed our plant based life…but as Bampa, who is 6 ft 2 inches has lost down to 180, they are beginning to take notice. I am rocking between 133 and 135 and I am 5 ft 9 inches. The healthy WFPB chart that Dr McDougall uses is HERE. According to it I am the right weight. BUT… I am weighing in the morning without clothes on… so theoretically I am 2-3 pounds still too heavy because the chart says to weigh with clothes on. When I look at this chart, I remember back to early young kids days…when I had three of them under foot and a house to keep clean, and I stayed between 115-125 pounds. When Terry and I married I was 129 pounds twenty eight years ago. I am close. So very close.

It will be interesting if the four of them can actually do this.

I can do anything you can do better… NO YOU CAN’T…. YES I CAN! Typical back and forth chatter from them, and I can hear it now! More on WFPB on another post and why Terry and I chose to do it.

OMA aka Laurie