She who wears Pink Boots.


It was Spring 2012. It was “she who wears pink boots.” She also has the nickname of Tinker and Lady L. Depends on who is calling her. For me she is my Sunshine.

My mother always told me I needed a daughter. A mom’s relationship with her daughter is totally different than that of a relationship with sons. So when I discovered I was pregnant, I do believe my mother petitioned in her prayers that we would have a baby girl.

As we begin this ‘crazy’ website, I will blog a bit here and there about my two little girls so you know what makes them so special in this crazy life of mine. Mom has quite a few precious photos of our Sunshine growing up and I am sure she will share those as well as you get to know our family.

“She who wears Pink Boots’ made me a mother. It is by far the most precious gift I have received.