My Three Sons

Number Three…  He has big beautiful eyes!

Number Three… He has big beautiful eyes!

My Three Sons. My Mom told me there was a TV show called MY THREE SONS. I looked it up thinking it might be wise to binge watch it. Our third son is due in about a month. The doc has us on high alert that he make make his presence known sooner. That has turned us into the frantic last minute attempt to finish gathering all the last minute items. We even found a Keurig Baby machine that mixes and heats up the formula. That will be a go to PLUS ONE for sure.

Our eldest son, Jon, has flown the coop and is 21. Our middle son is the ‘BEAR’ age six… and my Mom and Dad have not named this one yet. I would have to say BIG as he is closing in on 7 pounds and still a month to go.

I continue my role as Head Chef, Glass and Dish Washer, Entertainment Director, and Head Maintenance Engineer. My main function is taking care of my beautiful wife through this last month of pregnancy, making sure she is rested and safe. “Big” is coming… my third son.