Slowly, Oh So Slowly...

Our big house from early 2013 through mid 2016

Our big house from early 2013 through mid 2016

Slowly, oh so slowly we made the two month mark as a multigenerational family a few years ago. I wish I had blogged as we were in the process of combining, but at the time I believe we were all in shock and mourning.  Perhaps still mourning a little bit. This was back in 2015.

Combining households into one was challenging.  On one side was all the good stuff of eating together, splitting bills, and always having someone around to help with things and less cleaning responsibilities. On the other side, you could not walk through the house naked any more, stay up late hours and expect to sleep in the next morning or have romantic meetings at any time of day or night.

Now there were not only two more adults added to our equation but also a six year old and a seven month old.  We have delayed having our first family meeting but it grew past time and was something we needed to do.  I was debating how to prepare for it and the biggest thing I can put out there is RESPOND IN LOVE.

You know how you can block things out of your memory that are bothersome or tragic?  Somehow ALL the photos snapped during the process disappeared. Seriously.  I am hoping that Stacey and I can share the experience and our process might help others that decide to take this on.  

Heck it was either this or two Tiny Houses.  I rather like my baby grand and it would not fit in a Tiny House.

Laurie aka Oma