Field Day Challenge

Field Day with Dad 2019

Field Day with Dad 2019


How many of you remember FIELD DAY?? I remember my field days growing up in Nacogdoches at Raguet Elementary. I was tall and skinny and had a group of friends that I had been playing ball with for years. We rocked those field days … heck, we owned those field days.

Bear is only in Kindergarten. Being on the Autism scale, he certainly responds to all the cheering and commotion but not necessarily in an appropriate way. Time will tell how this day goes. As kids get older, depending on the degree of Autism, they often dislike the day because of the competition. It is important in Kindergarten and the first few grades to be actively involved with your child.

I read about a fifth grade class that got together with their coach and teacher and wanted it to be special for one of the Aspergers students in their class. It was a ‘marathon’ run, and the boys all agreed they would run and stay together just around the Aspergers student, allowing him to feel the fun of running together, the closeness of competition and in the end, he crossed the finish line first. He took him his first blue ribbon ever.

We all hope our child succeeds in life and does the best they can do with the gifts given to them. As parents, Tara and I have learned to watch ahead and prepare Bear the best we can for the challenges ahead. We love him so much and he is indeed one of our greatest gifts.