Fajitas Love. Mommy and Me...

The Captain and mama.jpg

“Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy.”  Shel Silverstein

Sometimes raising a child is challenging. Our son, The Captain, is a 3 year old short bundle of constant energy with a vocabulary of an 8 year old. He reasoning throws me every day and watching him react and figure things out amazes me.

When I look at him, I see both Kelly and me in his little face, combined of our features. In his actions and personality, he is a lot like his mama. I sit in the den often and hear them in his bedroom. They get into a battle between them… and they sound like each other.

We made the decision he will be a single edition. It gives me pause and time to enjoy every day and every moment of his life. God has blessed us richly with this little man. Soccer season has come to a close, and summer is upon us soon. When fall comes, he will turn four. Four years, and I cannot even remember life without him.

How do you feel about your children?