Autism Spectrum Disorder, can you say that five times?

ASD Focus on toys.jpg

We have experienced autism with two of our grandsons. Our first one came into our life and heart via his dad marrying our daughter, and he was about seven or eight years old at the time. He was fascinating, loving, and had a smile that would melt the solar ice cap. Unfortunately, we lost him in February of 2007 at age 11 from complications to the flu. He remains forever in our heart.

It was in February of 2013, a new grandson arrived, ‘Bear’, and it was only two and a half years into his sweet life, he was diagnosed with ASD. Zooming ahead now to 2019, Bear is extraordinary gifted 6 year old with superior math skills. He is a big hugger. He will seek you out for a hug or to be held when you arrive at his house.

From experience we know parents tend to get wrapped into the care of an autistic child and forget taking care of themselves. Right now Bear is not sleeping at night and is still struggling with potty training. With a new little brother due in two months, things are a bit stressed.

The health of parents is primary in caring for your autistic child. Parents often feel overwhelmed, guilty, confused, angry and or even depressed, especially when you are not getting any sleep because your ASD child cannot sleep at night. I wake in the morning and see funny photos on Facebook from his Daddy, my eldest son, trying to stay awake to play with his son. Bear is blessed with two of the best parents in the world.

OMA aka Laurie Pace